Vonis is a decentralized digital currency with peer to peer transactions based on an open source platform.

Vonis is an ERC20 token, built on the Ethereum block chain.

Holders of Vonis token can use it to purchase goods and pay for services anywhere in the world.

It can also be exchanged for bitcoin or fiat currency through exchanges.

This token presents the opportunity for holders to store value in a cashless and digital way.

It also presents a way for investors to earn passive income through our lending program,

 which is one of the highest paying currently, by the way.


Name: Vonis Token

Abbreviation: VON

Decimals: 18

Total Supply: 20,000,000 (Twenty million)

Total For Public Distribution: 18,000,000 (Eighteen million)

ICO: 16,000,000 (Sixteen million)

Bounty & Bonuses: 2,000,000 (Two million)




Holding Vonis is holding value. Vonis has a small total supply of only Twenty million tokens worldwide. Only this number of coins will ever exist. The smaller the supply, the more valuable it will be, and that’s what we aim to achieve with Vonis.



Vonis presents a smooth and open system which strives to achieve transparency between users. All transactions are open in the block chain and can be viewed by anybody, anywhere and at any time. This transparency fuels the trust of investors and holders of Vonis.



Even though transactions are transparent, Vonis makes it possible for Transparency and Anonymity to work hand in hand like siblings. Investors have peace of mind about their identities being safe. All owners of Vonis are anonymous.



Transactions on the ethereum block chain (which is where Vonis is hosted on) are final and can never be reversed or tampered with by anybody. It is decentralized so every transaction is peer to peer and there is no central authority that may compromise.

investment opp


Vonis has investment opportunities where investors can earn with our lending and staking program. We will be one of the highest paying lending platform, if not the best. Vonis can also traded on any supported exchange.

low fee


Sending and receiving Vonis are made very cheap compared to some other currency which have ridiculously high fees, Vonis transactions have very low fees.

quick tans


Transactions on the ethereum block chain are quick.
This is one of the attractive features of Vonis,
and it plays a big role in the overall health of the token.


Introducing Vonis' lending program, which will be unveiled after the ICO. You can earn huge profits by lending your VON tokens to us for a period of time and earn commissions daily. When you lend your VON tokens to us, we trade them with our high tech trading bot and volatility software. This brings in profit for you depending on the lending package you choose. Attractive bonuses would also be given to lenders on special days.


Lending Referral Bonuses


This is simply buying crypto currencies at low price and selling at high price to make profit. The crypto market is very volatile; therefore it is prone to unexpected changes depending on its demand and supply. You can earn profits from trading by taking advantage of its volatility.


Earn profits just by staking your tokens for a period of time without touching it. This will make VON tokens increase in value. NOTE: Your tokens must stay in your wallet for 10 days before it starts counting.


The ICO is going to run for a month (30 days) at the rate of $0.70.

 Minimum purchase is 1 VON, while Maximum is 5000 VON.

The only currency accepted for payment is Ethereum.

The crowdsale page is visible and functional to both registered and unregistered participants. You can buy VON tokens without registering, but if you’re going to lend,you have to register.

 Participants are to pay for VON tokens with ERC20 supported wallets like:






 You can only send Ethereum from any of the above mentioned ERC20 supported wallets.

The ethereum address you use to pay will be the address you will receive your VON tokens in, so PLEASE avoid sending Ether from exchanges, coinbase, Exodus etc. Your address must be ERC20 supported!

 Once the allocated tokens has finished, the ICO page will be disabled and any remaining Ether will be returned back to the senders. Successful buyers are to wait patiently for their tokens to arrive in their wallets.



Step 1: Click Add Custom Token.

Step 2: In the fields below, enter the following information: Token Contract Address: 0x4De39aA253F860cacD751c0149d491F707aCe836

 Token Symbol: VON Decimals: 18

Step 3: Click Save.

Your VON balance should appear in the Token Balances section. If it doesn’t, click the Load Tokens button.

Your VON tokens will automatically load on its own without any configurations.

Mist Wallet

Step 1: Click Contracts, then Watch Token.

Step 2: In the pop-up window, enter the token address: 0x4De39aA253F860cacD751c0149d491F707aCe836

 in the uppermost field. The remaining fields will fill in automatically.

Step 3: Click OK.

Your VON balance will appear in the main tab of your wallet.

Step 1: Switch to the Contracts tab and click Watch.

Step 2: Select the Token option and click Next.

Step 3: In the Enter Contract Details window, enter the token contract address: 0x4De39aA253F860cacD751c0149d491F707aCe836 

and contract name: Vonis Token.

Step 4: Click Add Contract. 

Step 5: Back in the Contracts tab, click the Vonis Token contract.

 Step 6: In the balanceOf section, click address.

Step 7: In the _owner:address pop-up window, enter your account address or select it from the account list.

Step 8: Click QUERY. You will see the VON balance for the selected account. The balance should also now be reflected in the Accounts tab.

Step 1: Click Add Token.

Step 2: Enter the Token Contract Address: 0x4De39aA253F860cacD751c0149d491F707aCe836

 The remaining fields will fill in automatically.

Step 3: Click Add.

Your VON balance will appear in the Tokens tab.





There will be a jackpot of $5,000!

A user will be randomly selected as winner of the jackpot. This prize is obtainable in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum




A prize of $3000 will be given to the YouTube video with the highest views!

This prize is obtainable in the form of bitcoin or ethereum.


People with the highest referral count will also be awarded gifts for their good work in the Vonis community.


Referrals must purchase VON tokens

 POSITION                                                                PRIZE

1st                                                                    $2500            

2nd                                                                                         $2250

3rd                                                                                          $2000

4th                                                                                          $1750

5th                                                                                          $1500

6th                                                                                          $1250

7th                                                                                          $1000

8th                                                                                          $750

9th                                                                                          $500

10th                                                                                        $250


                      All gifts will be given to winners after completion of ICO. Winners will be contacted via email .


1. What makes you different from other lending platforms?

Vonis has a unique and great lending system which pays huge profits compared to other lending platforms.

2.  How do I purchase Vonis?

For now, you can purchase them from our ICO page, but after ICO, you will be able to purchase Vonis tokens from internal and external exchanges which will be available in the future.

3. Which currencies will you be accepting for ICO?

We are only accepting Ethereum. The reason for this is the constant delay in transactions on the bitcoin block chain, and high fees on bitcoin transactions. So to make things easier for our customers, we stick to only ethereum. And the address you use to pay will also be your receiving address, so use the address you wish to store your tokens in to purchase VON.

4. What’s the minimum and maximum purchase?

The minimum purchase per TRIAL is 1 VON and maximum is 5000 VON.

5. Do you offer referral bonus? if so, when will my bonus be given to me?

Yes, we offer a referral bonus of 8% and this bonus will be released to the public immediately ICO is over.

6. When will the ICO start?

ICO starts on 25th February, 2018.

8. What exchanges are you planning to get listed on?

Hopefully, we will get listed on Coinexchange, Mercatox, Cryptopia and few others.

9. How can we contact you?

You can contact us at [email protected]